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Workplace Inclusion Website

An accessible, mobile-responsive site for workplace inclusion training

User Research, UX Design, Accessibility Consulting

The Background

The Workplace Inclusion initiative is an initiative by Understood for All: A non-profit organization that promotes disability inclusion in homes, schools, and workplaces. The Workplace Initiative is "a social impact program dedicated to creating inclusive workplaces where people with disabilities can thrive." When the Workplace Initiative launched via a special announcement at the Society of HR Management Annual Conference in 2019, the new website would serve as the first impression for the new initiative and convey the meaningful impact of disability inclusion in the workplace, all while upholding and exceeding web accessibility standards.

The Process

  • User interviews - HR Managers and Job Seekers with Disabilities
  • Prototyping and User Testing - Paper prototypes for content testing, InVision prototypes for visuals testing, Coded prototypes for interactions
  • Accessibility Documentation - Accessibility development best practices corresponding to each design system component

The Result

The Workplace Initiative website shipped in October 2019 at https://workplaceinitiative.org/

Accessibility Documentation Sample


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