Transforming Healthcare with Big Data and AI (2020)

Transforming Healthcare with Big Data and AI

Edited by:
Alex Liu, IBM
Anna Farzindar, University of Southern California
Mingbo Gong, Slalom Consulting
A volume in the series: New Methods in the Era of Big Data and AI. Editor(s): Alex Liu, IBM.

Published 2020

Healthcare and technology are at a convergence point where significant changes are poised to take place. The vast and complex requirements of medical record keeping, coupled with stringent patient privacy laws, create an incredibly unwieldy maze of health data needs. While the past decade has seen giant leaps in AI, machine learning, wearable technologies, and data mining capacities that have enabled quantities of data to be accumulated, processed, and shared around the globe. Transforming Healthcare with Big Data and AI examines the crossroads of these two fields and looks to the future of leveraging advanced technologies and developing data ecosystems to the healthcare field.

This book is the product of the Transforming Healthcare with Data conference, held at the University of Southern California. Many speakers and digital healthcare industry leaders contributed multidisciplinary expertise to chapters in this work. Authors’ backgrounds range from data scientists, healthcare experts, university professors, and digital healthcare entrepreneurs. If you have an understanding of data technologies and are interested in the future of Big Data and A.I. in healthcare, this book will provide a wealth of insights into the new landscape of healthcare.